In Madurai District, the textile manufacturers have promoted One Textile park in the name of M/s. Madurai Integrated Textile Park Ltd.,. The Proposed park is to be located at Thathampatty (Village) Vadipatti. This Integrated Textile Park at Vadipatty mainly based on low land cost and availability of land. Further, the proposed project is to be located to an extent of 120 Acres . Approximate cost of Land is around Rs.1.00Crore. The Proposed project cost estimated is Rs.100 Crores.

As per Government of India norms, the stake holders are ready to invest 60 % of project cost while Government of India is granting the subsidy of 40% of project cost. The promoters of this park will construct the sheds of entrepreneurs with all the infrastructure faculties like Road, Water, Power, etc. They are trying to put up one Bio Mass Power generation unit to the extent of 15 M.W.

The following industrial activities will be housed in the sheds:

1.Spinning, Doubling and Reeling
2.Weaving, knitting.
3.Dyeing and Bleaching
4.Apparels& Made-ups
There are around 1000 Micro tailoring and Readymade garments units in and around Madurai.

S.P.V has acquired Land 120 Acres (and built compound wall)
Stake holder 16 Units
Investment Rs. 350 Crores
Readymade Garments 6 units
High Tech Weaving 4 units
Sizing 6 units
Household garments 3 units
Employment 10,000 persons
Turnover/Annexure 600 Crores.
Extend of Export 80%


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